This is new but the well-known term for describing a specific kind of city living. Vancouver presents with its structure a really active, dynamic and busy town with a modern, urban lifestyle. Tall and slim tower are giving the touch of density while low buildings and other construction are giving some needed air and light with beautiful views. This is also brought by many parks and wide streets with public spaces providing people a real comfort in their fast living town.

Urban planning

Urban-planning1Liveability is something this town holds on top of its list. In Vancouver it is important people shop, play and work in most healthy way possible. This is brought by the urban environment. It brings people integration and support while enjoying their lively streets with their fellow residents. Density is allowed in a just proper amount to achieve the needed growth while keeping the beauty of surroundings. Many nature elements like trees, parks and landscapes together with some urban elements like lightings and walkways are perfectly combined in this city. There is continuous transportation besides the fact this city is minimizing the dependence of its residents on cars. This is also achieved by great functionality of this town. Thanks to high-quality urban design this city kept its beautiful and attractive side making every visitor remember it for a long time.


ArchitectureThis is a city with a strong character. Landscape and location confronting to huge oceanic space show its balance and stability creating city like no other in Canada. Mosaic and rich history of this town made this evolved and various architecture style. It is really easy to glance over this cityscape. No matter you start from tallest skyscraper in the British Empire or some fairy tale household you will find each property has its own story. But keeping safe its historical part didn’t stop this city to develop some new styles like in West Vancouver. The sites over here were usually irregular and rocky providing some most beautiful ocean views and forest spaces.

This part of the town needed some new elements to take advantage of this beautiful site aspects. Traditional styles are fulfilled with some modern geometrical shapes and open-plan arrangements. To use all that beautiful natural light many skylights and windows are used in new, modern projects. West Coast Style Houses are today known as a result of great architectural challenge perfectly embedded between extensive ocean and power looking mountains with lots of forests. East Vancouver is also resulting with outnumbering different styles of houses from different periods of time throughout the history. Starting from Early Vernacular Style homes in many stages of repair, boxy shapes of Edwardian style homes, Vancouver Craftsman Style as a more decorated version of classic Vernacular Style to early Cottage Style homes as better looking siblings of Mid Century Vernacular style.

It is important when you visit Vancouver, no matter if it is for business or pleasure, it is important not to rush. Take your time, stop and look at all this powerful architecture which will tell you a lot of stories.