Breathtaking views, green surfaces and tower-podium architecture really make an extraordinary picture of this town. Full of contradictory, Vancouver presents unbelievably developing the city. This city has become most admired in the world thanks to being a place of great livability and aesthetic pleasure. Between high-density residential neighborhoods and many sky reaching towers you will also have a chance to enjoy beautiful views of the harbor, ocean and green mountains. Cars here are the last idea so residential and visitors can have a full comfort while walking and observing remarkable environment of Vancouver.

Resilient urban form

UrbanMost important fact of this perfect urban plan that all world’s developers and planners are trying to copy is the values that make the foundation of it. Local government planners are trying their best for decades to achieve a harmony in their city. They don’t see just breathtaking environment sites, great wide corridors or perfectly planned bike paths. They see a vision with a soul which provides to their nation a great balance between nature and modern urbanism keeping the ability of constant creative solutions.

Is this vision maintainable?

Heading through the 21 century many of them are asking the same questions about will Vancouver be able to be so different from other cities all over the world. Impact of digital technology is making bigger resistances and confrontations between building lower density neighborhoods and high-density projects. One of the great tests in near future for residents will be the plan of the redevelopment of the West End.

This should increase the residential density with more affordable housing for the younger population, providing wide sidewalks with narrow roadways with supporting people to walk more. This idea is making people worry a little for now because too much affordable housing is not helping the middle class and it could lead to the destruction of some long-term values this city was keeping for decades. For now, these small confrontations are keeping this town honoring its residents with maintaining the urban-village lifestyle but also designing a city which keeps in touch with modern age offering many opportunities.

Green city

GreenOne of the main things Vancouver is keeping on mind all the time is an environmental issue. It is very important to keep the balanced and healthy connection with outdoors. Many cities all over the world are still just talking about this topics but Vancouver is rapidly taking actions and creating projects for this purpose. This green building plan with sustainable urban planning and construction broadening is creating well known “Vancouver model” all over the world. Some of the main targets to reach the Greenest City goals are to implement an effective waste reduction in all City facilities, to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuels and create successful practices and policies of buying local food.

Outnumbering options regarding real estate, urban building and architecture in Vancouver make many different opinions and views about this city. For sure it presents a remarkable coastal city and a home at the same time.