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Suggested Readings on Foreign Investment in Vancouver Real Estate


Foreign investment in Vancouver’s real estate is a topic that often can generate more heat than light as the City faces the challenge of being the second least affordable housing market in the world.  To compliment a panel session on the issue at Simon Fraser University, BTAworks has assembled a reading list for those interested in developing a background on the topic.   If readers feel that there are some clear omissions on the subject, please feel free to contact us.  For those looking the 2009 BTAworks Empty Condo study, please click here.

In alphabetical order by author, this list assembles social histories and research papers that we think can help develop an informed dialogue on the topic of foreign investment in Vancouver real estate.  We have also included several historic and contemporary articles on the economics, immigration, globalization, housing, and real estate markets in Vancouver and its metropolitan region to provide historic, policy oriented, and academic context.  Where possible, links to the individual documents have been provided.  Some of these documents are free to access, but others may require payment or academic library access.  To assess the reading or at least, its academic web location, please click its title.

Let there be light…we hope.

Barnes, T. and Hutton, T.  May 2009. Situating the New Economy: Contingencies of Regeneration and Dislocation in Vancouver’s Inner City. May 2009 vol. 46 no. 5-6 1247-1269.

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